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Agricultural export company

We specialize in processing and exporting niche agricultural crops




grains directly from


food-grade seeds cleaning and sorting 

wholesale of seeds for sowing and industrial use

We specialize in export of Ukrainian spices, oilseeds, legumes

and cereales. Every year, we supply thousands of tons of seeds to wholesalers and food manufacturers throughout Europe


переробка зернових


product quality control from the field to a specific client

закупівля зернових


cereal, oily

and leguminous crops


raw materials and finished products certified by FSSC and GBA lab.

Purchase of seeds

PJSC "Chernihiv seeds" works with farmers in all regions of Ukraine. We offer long-term contracts for cultivation of a wide range of niche crops. We closely supervise our contractors providing rang of services from seeding material to agronomic support.  

Our company is always open to cooperation and provides flexible terms of forward contracting.

Зберігання зернових

The company offers a wide range of products

олійні культури



бобові культури

All products analyzed and certified by independent European laboratories on annual basis


зернові культури



We provide a wide range of services

продаж насіння


we offer high-quality cleaned and sorted seeds both for sowing and industrial use

калібрування насіння

Seed calibration

according to your requirements either by weight, shape or size

фасування насіння


the company works with a wide range of packaging materials paper/polypropylene etc.

агрономічний супровід

Agro Consulting

financial and agronomic support for framers

очищення насіння

Seed cleaning

all grain types can be cleaned, based on your tech requirements, up to 99.9%

форвардні закупівлі насіння

Forward contracting

sale and cultivation of crops on annual basis, fixing price and volumes

Every day we work on
improving our products

лабраторія насіння

Selection system 

Quality audit, verification and documentation of each batch of raw materials that we receive by our internal lab

зберігання арбітражних зразків

Storage of samples

Storage of arbitration samples from each incoming/outgoing batch of raw materials and ready product for three years

напольне зберігання зерна

Product identification

Strict traceability of each batch of raw materials from the field to the final consumer

лабораторія насіння

Quality analysis

Systematic analysis of product qualities throughout processing and storage

Our experienced team of professionals work with niche crops for more than 10 years

Contact us

+38 0462 727 585

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St. Volodymyra Drozd, 3

Chernihiv, 14007, Ukraine

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