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The plant is equipped with latest and diverse cleaning and calibration equipment

The "Chernihiv Seeds" company is an experienced team of industry professional who have been specializing in niche crops and sub-products  for more than a decade.


The plant is equipped with a modern silo complex of vertical storage with temperature, humidity sensors and ventilation systems for long-term safe storage of raw materials and finished products.

We have extensive practical experience in the field of high-quality seed cleaning. The company uses several closed and vertical integrated production lines to clean, calibrate and package grain seeds and sub-products. Production line is equipped with sieve and centrifuge machines of several types including BCS, BSH (Ukraine), "PETKUS" (Germany), UOK-1200, as well as optical sorters ("BUHLER", Switzerland).


We can carry out any individual request in terms of

product batch impurities content, size, shape or homogenity. Additionaly, products can be sorted based on your biological or technical needs.

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