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Passion for what we do
and daily work on improving our products

Our history is more than 40 years of honest, hard work and hundreds of satisfied suppliers and customers. Impeccable quality, food safety and affordability are the main principles of our company. We have the right and the reason to be proud of our reputation and our product


Our story began In Chernihiv. The regional inter-collective plant for seed production and cleaning of perennial grasses was created. After 13 years, in 1989, the station was reorganized into the "NASYNNYA" production association.


The first optical separator  was purchased from. The company started cleaning and exporting  food-grade seeds abroad.


Reconstruction of auxiliary premises, administrative building and production facilities. Renovation of unloading zone and construction of new storage area.


Full renovation of production line No. 1 was carried out, new optical sorter was installed.


The general meeting of shareholders decided on the re-registration of the company in PJSC "Chernihiv Seeds".


The company received a food safety certificate ISO 22000: 2005 (Food Safety Management System) and purchased a second optical sorter installing second production line.


Construction of third production line, installation of additional transport and cleaning equipment, silo-storages and separate unloading point, reconstruction of warehouse No. 3.


The company received a food safety certificate FSSC 22000 from the company SGS.

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